The late night coding mania! ☕

You might be familiar with the #100DaysofCode challenge already, but hey! Who doesn't enjoy late-night coding! Yet we barely get to entertain that as a thing. Well, not anymore! Behold #100NightsOfCode challenge which nocturnal coders can stick to 🤩

What are the rules exactly?

  • Code minimum an hour every night for the next 100 nights.

  • Tweet your progress every night with the #100NightsOfCode hashtag.

  • Each night, reach out to at least two people on Twitter who are also doing the challenge.

The Inescapable

Generally every other programmer get to witness coding during night time. It could be for different reasons, maybe you have a side project you are working on; you have a job to do during daytime; you are contributing to an open source project; you just get into flow during night; you are working as a freelancer or whatever.

In fact when we ask most developers about their peak performance, the vast majority of them say it's during night time when they're in the zone. Besides some people are naturally not morning people, so they sleep till noon and work afternoons and late nights, whill still maintaining a healthy amount of sleep.

Finding other nightly coders

To be able to track other nightly coders here is the twitter feed to follow.


#100DaysOfCode isn't specific to day time!

I'm glad you asked, and that is certainly true but this is unquestionably a nightly challenge. This is to provide a sense of connection to noctural coders like myself, allowing us to track our programming journey & be there for each other when everyone else is asleep 💤